10 advertisers offer early view of upcoming Super Bowl ads

It used to be, if you shelled a couple million dollars for a Super Bowl ad, you protected that investment by keeping the details about the ad under lock and key until after the game. But now, because of the buzz-generating power of the Internet, more advertisers are releasing their spots days or even weeks before the game.

This year’s ad lineup is no exception, with no fewer than 10 companies offering full-length versions of their ads prior to game time.

ACURA – “Seinfeld vs. Leno”

AUDI – “Vampire Killer”

CHEVROLET – “Happy Grad”

GE – “Power and Beer” and “Louisville”

GO DADDY – “Heaven” and “Body Paint”

SUZUKI – “New Sled”

TOYOTA – “Reinvented”

DORITOS – Two of five “Crash the Super Bowl” finalists

The top vote-getter of the five fan-made spots will appear in the game. Doritos will choose another finalist to also make an appearance. All five finalists can be viewed on the “Crash the Super Bowl” website.

CARS.COM – “Confidence”

The Cars.com spot isn’t available for embedding, but can be viewed on the Cars.com site here.

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