adrantssmallSteve Hall over on AdRants has a good point. Where’s all the excitement surrounding this year’s Super Bowl ads? I mean, seriously, we’re wondering the same thing, Steve. By this time last year, our SpotBowl spokespersons had about 100 scheduled radio interviews and this year we’ve only got about 60 on the books. We still hope to break triple figures, but still.

As reasons for the hoopla shortange, Steve admits, “(t)he economy sucks. $3 million is way to much to pay for any type of commercial and television itself? It’s been fragmented to death like a grocery item line extension.”

Oh, and the whole “historic inauguration” thing.

Excitement or none, we’re still as giddy as ever about the big game. Let’s just hope a few hundred thousand people join us and decide to vote in this year’s SpotBowl.

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