Audi spot will feature vampires. Great.

People are either zombie fans or vampire fans. You can’t be both. And some people are werewolf fans, but they’re just weird. That’s why I was like “Eh, whatever,” when I learned that Audi is featuring vampires in its Super Bowl ad.

Actually, I guess I can get a little excited about it. At least it’s some kind of monster (and not a werewolf). It all depends whether we’re talking about the lame Twilight kinds of vampires or the classic cool vampires or even the grumpy-but-lovable Grandpa Munster kind.

And then Audi released the spot a little early and it turns out the vampires are the lame Twilight kind … but I ended up loving the ad. Check it out below and you’ll know why.

AFTERTHOUGHT: Are headlights really that much of a selling point that you need to base an entire Super Bowl ad around them? I’ve seen car ads that blabber about how great their headlights are, but I just don’t get it. And they’re probably those annoying, bluish, brighter-than-the-sun LED headlights that make you think there’s a cop behind you when you’re driving at night. I hate those things. If there’s ever a vampire epidemic, though, they might come in handy.

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