Audi Super Bowl teasers promise weird, big-headed crossbreed dog


Audi is a semi-luxury brand of vehicle, right? At least I thought so. That’s what makes the recent teasers for its upcoming Super Bowl ad so strange.

The ad will be for the car maker’s 2015 Audi A3 Sedan and a pre-game teaser features singer Sarah McLachlan pleading for public support for a comical Doberman/Chihuahua crossbreed known as the Doberhuahua. A second teaser shows dog show spectators and announcers reacting nervously to what we assume is the ad’s freakish canine. Or maybe it’s a different weird dog. Who knows. Check out both videos below.

Yes, the A3 Sedan is the most affordable vehicle in the Audi lineup, starting at $29,900, but we all know that means a cost closer to $40,000 when you add on extras like tires, headlights and locking doors. With a price tag like that and a perceived “luxury” image, a commercial that goes for cheap laughs by inventing a new breed of dog seems a little strange, doesn’t it? Then again, maybe that’s the point. Maybe they trying to downplay the luxury image and make the car seem more playful and fun. Marketing is funny like that.


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