No fewer than eight automakers have purchased air time in the upcoming Super Bowl, prompting Advertising Age to question whether any car maker can really break through the high octane clutter in an affair the magazine is calling a “traffic jam” and an “eight car pile-up.”

Six car companies ran ads in the 2009 game and five made appearances in 2008. The eight playing in this year’s contest include BMW (one ad), General Motors (one ad for Chevrolet), Chrysler (one ad for Dodge), Audi (one ad), Volkswagen (one ad), Kia (one ad), Hyundai (three ads), and Mercedes Benz (one ad).

If you’re taking side bets on which car company ad will rank highest in this year’s SpotBowl poll (and why wouldn’t you be?), the smart money is on Kia. You might remember last year’s Kia spot featuring characters from the hit kid’s show “Yo Gabba Gabba” brought to life on a bender in Las Vegas (refresh your memory below). It was strangely awesome and although there’s no word on which agency Kia is working with on its 2011 spot, if they stick to the same fun, colorful formula, there’s a good chance this little car company could drive away with the top spot — at least among its peers.

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