AXE releases Super Bowl ad encouraging fans to “Make love. Not war.”


AXE makes grooming products for men — or, more accurately, grooming products for teenagers and frat boys — so it makes sense that they’d release a Super Bowl spot featuring attractive women and dangling a prize of sending 25 fans into space. That’s what they did last year,  and it seemed to work okay for the brand.

So it’s refreshing (and a little surprising) to see that they’ve changed their formula with this year’s Big Game ad. AXE released an extended 60-second version of the spot earlier this week (it’ll be trimmed to 30 seconds for the game), making them the first of this year’s advertisers to pre-release their ad.

In it, soldiers and war-bound world leaders (including a Kim Jong-un lookalike) find love. The ad will promote AXE’s new fragrance “Peace” and ends with the tagline “Make love. Not war.” Check it out below and feel free to comment with your thoughts.

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