Axe will give away trip to space with Super Bowl debut

As you may have noticed, over on the SpotBowl ad line-up page we’ve added “Rookie” tags to the first-timers in this year’s game. One of those newbies (which hasn’t been added to the line-up yet) is Axe.

You’d think a body spray popular with twenty-something year old men would be perfect for the Super Bowl, and it is, which is what makes their status as a first-timer so surprising. Axe is making their debut in fashion too, by using the spot to give away a trip to space. According to Advertising Age:

The effort is part of a global promotion by Axe and Lynx, its U.K. equivalent, promising to send a total of 23 people beyond the Earth’s atmosphere as part of what the brand bills as its biggest product introduction ever — Apollo deodorant and personal-care products. Most of the 23 potential visitors to space will have to sign up for the Axe Apollo Space Academy, alternately called the Axe Global Space camp, in Orlando, Fla., by visiting by Feb. 3.

I’ve always wondered —  do you need deodorant in space, or does body odor just sort of float away? I’m not really sure, but I do know that a trip in to space is pretty damn cool, so I’ll be watching this one closely.

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