Benched: E-Trade, Subway, and GoDaddy girls skip this year’s game


Almost as newsworthy as who WILL be in the Big Game are the annual announcements about which longtime Super Bowl advertisers will be sitting on the sidelines. This year, the list of no-shows includes Subway, the GoDaddy girls, and the E-Trade baby.

To be honest, none of them will be missed, with the possible exception of the E-Trade baby, who has built quite a loyal fan base since his first appearance in 2007. It’s hard to choose our favorite E-Trade baby spot because there have been so many, but we’ve included a standout performance below. (Check him out today at the ripe old age of five.)

Subway could benefit from a year off to fine tune their game plan. They always seems to be phoning it in with their Super Bowl ads, churning out the usual Jared-with-C-list-celebrities-and-athletes fare that they do all year long. (C’mon guys, it’s the Super Bowl!) Check out last year’s spot for a prime example.

The last absentee – the GoDaddy girls – really should have been cut from the team years ago. The brand’s risqué shtick was wearing thin back in 2005 and, while GoDaddy will appear in this year’s game, they’ve finally decided to clean up their act and focus their commercials on the services they actually provide (web domain name registration and hosting). An ad that actually promotes the product … now there’s a novel idea!

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