As previously mentioned on the SpotBowl ad line-up, the king of the economy car, Hyundai, will be airing an ad in this year’s game. Does anyone remember the lyric from Kanye West’s Gold Digger from four or five years ago? In it, King Kanye lamented how even the biggest stars can find themselves cash strapped after getting mixed up with money hungry women with the line “Win the Super Bowl, drive off in a Hyundai.”


Of course, that’s precisely the image Hyundai is trying to shed with its spot for its mid-sized Sonata sedan (one pre-game promo even compares the Sonata’s paint job to a Mercedes). To get there, Hyundai has enlisted the help of Brett Favre, who will poke fun at his on-again-off-again retirement status in a spot that shows him winning an MVP award after the 2020 NFL season and weighing his retirement options.

It sounds funny, especially because Favre will be aged with make-up, but when I think of Hyundai, Brett Favre is the last person that comes to mind. Remember, this is the same guy that shills Wrangler jeans and wears a perpetual three-day growth of facial hair that would make the guys on LOST look like pre-pubescence Boy Scouts. Shouldn’t he be in an ad for the new Ford F-150 or maybe a spot for magic pills that can transform ordinary men into one-quarter of the man he is?

“Thanks Farvlazine! Now I can pee standing up!”

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