CarMax pre-releases “Slow Clap” spot starring Sean “Rudy” Astin


CarMax, a website that helps people buy cars or something, has announced that they’ve officially joined the Super Bowl ad lineup. And rather than making you wait to to watch their 30-second ad, they’ve released a 45-second extended version online.

In it, a car buyer is greeted with a slow-clapping round of applause from various people during his drive home. Among them is actor Sean Astin, who reprises his role from the 1993 film, “Rudy.” (Holy crap, has it really been 21 years?)

Check out the spot below, appropriately titled “Slow Clap.” Highlights: The clapping dad (sorry, son), the clapping water fountain cherub, and the clapping/kicking karate instructor. Also below is the shot-for-shot online-only puppy version called “Slow Bark.” It’s worth a watch, but it’s only funny if you watch the human version at least twice beforehand.

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