CBS rejects SodaStream ad for taking cheap shots at Coke, Pepsi

Ad guru turned corporate rebel Alex Bogusky — the guy behind the “Creepy King” Burger King spots and Adweek’s reigning “Creative Director of the Decade” — tweeted on Friday that the spot his new agency created for SodaStream has been rejected by CBS.

According to MSN Money, the spot for the at-home soda maker depicted truck drivers in clothing with Pepsi and Coke logos. The jab was apparently too much for CBS, who’d no doubt like to avoid angering two of its biggest advertisers.

According to Bogusky, “SodaStream is still in the game with an older spot we tweaked.” The “older spot” — released late last year — will be the one below with the woman in the voiceover who whistles her S’s annoyingly. Let’s hope that’s one of the tweaks Bogusky was referring to.

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