Celebrity cameos in 2013: The good, the bad, and the dead presidents

What’s the best part about Super Bowl commercials? For me it’s the celebrity cameos. Back in the old days (pre-2009) the public wouldn’t know about a cameo until the spot aired. That element of surprise was part of the joy of the cameo.

These days, as brands try to garner as much pre-game buzz as possible for their big budget investment, surprises are rare. That’s not always a bad thing. It gives people like me a chance to critique the decision and build excitement about the celeb’s appearance on game day.

Here’s what we know so far about A-listers (and less than A-listers) who will appear in this year’s Super Bowl:


Jay-Z will appear in a spot for the company’s new beer, Black Crown.

SpotGeek Excitement Level: Moderate. Even in fatherhood, Jay-Z is one of the coolest guys out there.


Abraham Lincoln will make a brief appearance in an spot for the car named after him.

SpotGeek Excitement Level: Low. If it were the real Abe Lincoln, I might be more excited.


Race car driver and brand spokesperson Danica Patrick will make yet another appearance for the brand.

SpotGeek Excitement Level: Low. It’s hard to get excited about five or six consecutive years of appearances using the same risqué formula.


Supermodel Kate Upton and R&B star Usher will cameo for the carmaker.

SpotGeek Excitement Level: Moderate to high. Both stars are making their Super Bowl debut and it’ll be interesting to see how Mercedes uses them.

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