Chobani, Audi release ads; Audi’s “Doberhuahua” could be the best car ad of the game


The pre-released ads are coming fast and furious, so we’re going to offer two per blog entry, starting with this entry.

Chobani – “Ransacked”

First up is Chobani’s third quarter ad starring a great a big ol’ bear in search of some all natural food in a small town grocery store. But guess what? It’s apparently pretty hard to find all natural goods in grocery stores these days. What does the bear do and does he ever find the all natural snack he’s looking for? Watch the ad below to find out.

Audi – “Doberhuahua”

Next up is Audi’s off-the-wall spot featuring a couple who compromise on their choice of dog by breeding a Doberman and a Chihuahua to create a freakishly big-headed “Doberhuahua.” The dog wrecks havoc everywhere it goes and, in the process, it makes for a pretty entertaining Super Bowl ad. SpotBowl media partner Adrants says the spot has “Super Bowl success written all over it.” We agree. Of all the car ads we’ve seen this year, this one is by far the best.

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