Coke ad sounds good on paper, not so good on screen


On Monday, Coca-Cola released one of its two 60-second ads that will air during the Super Bowl. The spot shows an underdog boy recovering a fumble in his pee wee football game and running it all the way to the Packers’ Lambeau Field, where he’s given a Coke by one of the stadium’s groundskeepers.

The premise sounds like a sentimental winner, right? The only problem is, the finished product comes up a little short. Check it out below. The House of Pain “Jump Around” soundtrack seems a little off for what should have been a slightly sweeter, more sentimental spot. The 90’s rap anthem lends itself to something that’s more upbeat and energetic, and this spot is neither of those things.

We’re also not a fan of Coke dangling a charitable donation in exchange for social media love. Coca-Cola has promised to contribute $50,000 to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America if the spot is shared by fans at least 10,000 times across Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. If it doesn’t get 10,000 shares, the children of our nation will suffer, and it’ll be all your fault America!

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