Coke, Kia, CareerBuilder chimps among 11 new spots released

Yesterday I posted a round-up of 10 upcoming Super Bowl spots. Yes, the pre-release of ads is definitely a trend this year, and why not? If you’re paying $3.5 million for 30 seconds (or between six and seven million for 60 seconds), why wouldn’t you try to drum up a little pre-game excitement about your investment?

Almost overnight, nine new ads were released, including Kia’s “Dream Car” (hilarious and awesome), Coca-Cola’s “The Catch” (polar bears), and CareerBuilder’s chimp spot, “Business Trip” (same old, same old). The new spots bring the pre-released ad total to 21, or almost half of the total Super Bowl ad inventory. Check ‘em out below.

E*Trade – “Fatherhood”

Coca-Cola – “The Catch” – “Business Trip”

Toyota – “Camry Stories”

Chevrolet – “Aliens”

Chevrolet – “Bug Ride”

Chevrolet – “Stunt Anthem”

Kia – “Dream Car”

Lexus – “Beast”

Hyundai – “CPR Car”

Hyundai – “Cheetah”

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  1. Jessica J. 

    Check out the hosts of VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live chat about the best Super Bowl videos of all-time!

  2. Griffin 

    We see you that you posted the new Kia Big Game ad! Thanks for doing that!

    Kia Outreach Team

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