Coke polar bears are back in coolest web/game tie-in in recent memory

It’s official: Coke’s iconic polar bears will return to the Super Bowl.

In what is probably the coolest online tie-in I’ve ever seen in a Super Bowl ad, the polar bears will appear online, too, watching and reacting to the game in real time on They’ll cheer touchdowns, groan about turnovers, and even react to the commercials. In an example suggested by USA Today, “if a sexy ad airs, an adult bear would cover the eyes of a baby bear.”

Also, for the first time in Super Bowl history, Coke has produced two versions of its ad and will decide which one to air, based on which team is winning, just moments before its scheduled time slot. And it the game is tied? According to Coke, “the decision will be made based on the most-recent plays and which is deemed most in need of a Coke.”

The commercial, titled “Catch” will feature two bears watching the game (one with a Giants scarf and one with a Patriots scarf). One bear exists the igloo to join some other polar bear fun and ends up juggling his bottle of Coke before, I’m assuming, one of the bears makes the “Catch.”

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