Does sex really sell in Super Bowl ads?

As observed by USA Today and multiple other sources, this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads are slightly more mature and risqué that in year’s past. It’s been said, of course, that “sex sells,” but does it really? A recent Wall Street Cheat Sheet article offers an interesting look inside the myth.

According to the article, researchers at the University of Wisconsin (Eau Claire) studies Super Bowl ads from the past 20 years and found that “sexy ads” score 10 percent lower in the “likeability” category compared to more conservative ads.

I’m not sure if that really debunks the “sex sells” myth. After all, the racier ads might be less liked by the masses, but they could end up selling a lot more product among those who prefer a more mature approach. Regardless, it’s definitely something advertisers should consider.

Perhaps GoDaddy should test one of its typical frat boy spots against one featuring puppies and kittens and see which one sells more domain name registrations. Actually, forget it. I think we already know the answer to that one.

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