Doritos announces “Crash the Super Bowl” finalists: Which one would you vote for?


Doritos’ annual fan-made commercial contest – Crash the Super Bowl – has returned for its ninth year, and why shouldn’t it? It’s arguably the most successful Super Bowl promo ever created and it helps the brand score a boatload of media coverage and online buzz each year.

Yes, asking fans to create the Super Bowl commercial also means they don’t have to pay an advertising agency to do it for them, but they probably spend as much (if not more) to promote the contest (not to mention the $1 million prize), so it’s sort of a wash on the financial end.

Doritos has announced the five finalists that will compete for two spots in the Big Game. One will be chosen by the Doritos team and one by fans via an online poll. The spot with the most votes will win $1 million, and the creator of the spot that ranks higher in the USA Today Ad Meter ratings will be invited to work on the set of The Avengers: Age of Ultron. The guaranteed $1 million is a first for Doritos. In past Crash the Super Bowl contests, that prize was only awarded if the fan spot finished on top in USA Today’s annual Ad Meter rankings (which actually happened in 2011).

Check out all five finalists and cast your vote on the Doritos website. As cringe-worthy and disgusting as it may be, it’s safe to assume that “Finger Cleaner” will be the easy winner as the fan’s selection. It’s got more YouTube views (1.8M) than all of the other four finalists combined (1.3M). As for the brand’s choice, we’re going with “Time Machine.” It’s got a cute kid, a dog, and a stupid adult – three key ingredients for any great Super Bowl ad.

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