GE joins SB ad lineup; releases pair of spots early

General Electric has become probably the last company to announce its presence in the Super Bowl ad lineup and the 10th company this year to release its spots before the game (see below).

The pair of 45-second ads shine a spotlight on the hard work of GE employees, and appear to be designed more to fire up internal audiences than to sell whatever it is GE is trying to sell. (Electricity? Giant turbines? Budweiser beer?)

Yes, I said Budweiser beer. The first spot, “Power and Beer,” spends the last 15 seconds talking about how GE “makes the power that makes the beer.” I’m assuming Budweiser somehow pitched in to fund the purchase of this spot. If not, I’d like to tell Budweiser on behalf of General Electric: “You’re welcome.”

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One Response to “GE joins SB ad lineup; releases pair of spots early”

  1. Patty 

    The America’s Got Talent spot featuring that neutered Howard Stern made me blow cookies. Where did he get those teeth????

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