In an effort to gain a little extra pre-game, um, exposure, has posted both of its potential Super Bowl spots on its website and is asking visitors to vote for the one they think should be in the big game. As expected, both contain “GoDaddy-esque content.” In the first ad, titled “Baseball,” Danica and some other women testify in front of a Senate panel about “Major League enhancement.” In the other spot (“Shower”), Danica takes a shower while three guys watch on their computer.

We talked to GoDaddy founder and CEO Bob Parsons about the company’s ads, which usually endure several rounds of revisions and censoring by the networks. “Instead of squeaking one ad by censors at the last minute, the unimaginable happened. Two GoDaddy-esque ads were approved early,” said Parsons. “Both feature Go Daddy Girl Danica Patrick.  Both are smokin’ hot!”

When asked about his rationale for buying into the big game, Parsons pointed out the company’s increasing marketshare since airing its first Super Bowl ad in 2005. “Prior to our 2005 Super Bowl commercial, we had a 16 percent market share.  After the ad, it jumped to 25 percent and it held. Last year, we got to 46 percent. I’d be crazy not to advertise.”

Feel free to check out spots and vote here. Screenshots are below.



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