Another year, another SpotBowl. This is our sixth SpotBowl, and each one seems better than the last. This really is the best time of the year if you’re an advertising junkie like us. We can’t get enough of them. (We also make ads for a living, so it kind of makes sense.)

So what can you expect from SpotBowl this year? Glad you asked. As always, we’ve got trivia, stats, facts, opinions, and, best of all, a sneak peek at which ads will be making an appearance in this year’s game. That’s right, we’ve been pestering our inside sources for weeks in order to assemble the most complete listing of upcoming Super Bowl spots on the internet (at least we think so).

There are two things new to SpotBowl this year. The first is our SpotBowl Twitter page, where you can sign up to receive breaking news alerts and blurbs as we learn new information. Feel free to subscribe to our Twitter feed using the link on the right or on the Twitter page itself. We’ve also created a SpotBowl widget (that’s it below and on the right). Click on “Share” and grab the HTML code and slap it into your blog or MySpace or Facebook page and it’ll display all the latest SpotBlog headlines. You can also e-mail it to friends if you want. They’ll thank you later, we promise.

Anyhow, stay tuned to the SpotBlog throughout the Super Bowl season for updates on all the best (and worst) this year’s advertising game has to offer. And if you’ve got any opinions on anything we post here on the blog, please sound off with a comment or two.

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