If you have a soul, the Heinz Super Bowl commercial will make you smile


Heinz is a condiment that’s probably featured at a lot of Super Bowl parties (although you can’t put ketchup on wings and pizza), so you’d think they’d be a perennial Big Game advertiser, but they’re not. They’re in this weekend’s game, but it’s their first appearance in 16 years.

The company has released their ad — “Hum” — prior to the game, bringing the total pre-game releases to 22 out of roughly 43 spots. The sweet-without-being-too-sweet ad features people humming “If You’re Happy and You Know It” while delivering the brand’s signature tap to the bottom of the bottle.

The pre-game release is 51-seconds long, which means they’ll have to trim 21 seconds for their half-minute slot. Which hummers will get lost in the time crunch? We’re guessing the hospital guy (he’s just kinda sad), in addition to a few seconds shaved off the beginning and a quicker delivery of the bottle to the grandma at the end. Hopefully they don’t squeeze the spot too much, though, because it’s a good one.

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