Bud Light (“Marketing Meeting”) – A guy is tossed from a window for suggesting the company get rid of Bud Light.

Nothing like a little office place violence for a good laugh. At least he got up and walked away.

Universal Studios (“Angels & Demons”) – Trailer for Da Vinci Code sequel.

I’d probably be more excited if I read the books. And even then, I’d only be marginally excited.

Audi (“Car Chase”) – Jason Statham races from decade to decade before finding the new Audi A6.

Nice chase scene. The vintage Mercedes was pretty sweet (sorry Audi).

Pepsi (“Forever Young”) – Bob Dylan and sing an ode to youthfulness.

Nice spot, well done, but very forgetable in this line-up.

Doritos (“Crystal Ball”) – A crystal ball brings free Doritos but no promotion.

The first of two user-generated spots and a damn good one at that.

Bud Light (“Conan in Sweden”) – Conan films a Swedish Bud Light commercial.

Gotta love Conan, especially when he gets mad.

Columbia (“Year One”) – Trailer for prehistoric Jack Black comedy, Year One.

Jack Black as a caveman? That’s a stretch.

Toyota (“Venza”) – The style of the Venza is revealed in architecture and art.


Bridgestone (“Mr. Potatohead”) – Mrs. Potatohead complains about Mr. Potatohead’s driving.

A classic toy with edge. She brought extra eyes, why didn’t she bring an extra mouth?

Universal (“Fast & Furious”) – Trailer for Fast & Furious sequel.

Nice. But it would have been better without Vin Diesel.

Castol (“Chimps”) – A man hires chimps to work on his car.

Really? Kissing a chimp? Horrible.

Universal (“Land of the Lost”) – Trailer for Will Ferrell prehistoric comedy, Land of the Lost.

Nice. Can’t wait to see the sleestaks.

Doritos (“Magic Crunch”) – Crunching Doritos makes good things happen for man.

Another user-generated spot. It’s no “Crystal Ball,” but it’s a decent effort.

Go Daddy (“Shower”) – Danica showers while men watch on their computer.

The “We’re naughty” angle is starting to wear thin for Go Daddy.

Pepsi Max (“I’m Good”) – Pepsi unveils the diet cola for men.

Lotta violence in this year’s spots, isn’t there? It’s still funny though.

Pedigree (“Pet Adoption”) – Odd pets show what the world would be like without dogs.

Keep the labrador retriver, I totally want an ostrich as a pet.

Anheuser-Busch (“Fetch”) – A clydesdale one-ups a dalmatian in a game of fetch.

Could this spot be more predictable? It would have been better if the horse brought back Conan O’Brien.

Budweiser (“Horse Love”) – A clydesdale falls in love with a circus horse.

Awwwwwww…(I actually missed this spot, but it sounds cute.)

Paramount (“Star Trek”) – Trailer for the Star Trek prequel.

I wouldn’t think there’d be a lot of crossover between the “football crowd” and the “Star Trek crowd” but whatever.

Gatorade (“Mission G”) – Atheletes talk about Mission G.

Not bad. Nice to see so many familiar faces in there. (“David Abernathy”) – A successful man uses when buying a car.

Hyundai (“Genesis”) – Hyundai competitors aren’t pleased about the award-winning Hyundai.

Angry foreign guys are funny. Isn’t Hyundai a foreign company?

E*Trade (“Baby”) – The E*Trade baby and his singing friend return to the big game.

The baby is back, a year older, and funnier than ever.

Disney Pixar (“Up”) - Trailer for the animated feature, Up.

I don’t watch a lot of animiated movies, but this one, I might watch. Okay, I probably won’t.

Bud Light (“Skiing”) – A man draws skiing obstacles to prove Bud’s drinkability.

We’ve seen the drawing guy in other Bud Light ads. This isn’t even his best work.

H&R Block (“Death”) – The grim reaper complains about his tax return.

H&R Block was hyping this as Abe Vigoda’s big cameo, but he only supplied the voice. Booooo!

Teleflora (“Mean Flowers”) – A box of flowers insult a woman.

Great, edgy twist on an ad for flowers. I’ll have to pick some up at my local florist this Valentines Day.

Cheetos (“Bird Attack”) – A rude cell phone talker is attacked by hungry birds.

There’s something about the new Chester the Cheetah that’s both creepy and cool. He’s like a junk food pimp.

Dreamworks (“Monsters vs. Aliens”) – 3D trailer for movie, Monsters vs. Aliens.

This pretty much sucked. It was actually better without the glasses.

Sobe (“Lizard Lake”) – Lizards and NFL stars dance in 3D.

Kinda weird all around. The 3D was slightly better than Monster vs. Aliens, but still disappoining.

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