Inflation … on steroids

Super Bowl Ad Rates

An article on the Atlantic website asked the $3.5 million question on everyone’s mind: Why do Super Bowl ads keep getting more expensive?

The simple answer, besides the steady increase in the game’s TV viewership, boils down to the fact that Super Bowl is one of the few television events that still draws a captivated audience. According to the article:

“As audiences have fractured [in] the age of Hulu and DVR, the Super Bowl is among the last of an increasingly endangered species: The truly mass audience live TV event. In good times and bad, that distinction has been worth a premium to advertisers.”

The article also included a handy little chart to demonstrate the rising cost of a 30-second Super Bowl ad over the last decade. At the current rate of increase, an ad in the 2018 game will cost $47 million, plus the Ark of the Covenant and one small Caribbean island.

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