Jaguar, Kia, Dannon all release spots (Kia is awesome, Dannon is “a little gross”)


Remember when we said the pre-released ads were being released so fast that we were going to start showing two pre-releases per blog entry? That’s kind of true. Only instead of two in this entry, we’re going to give you three. Enjoy.

Jaguar – “Good to be Bad”

As car ads go, this one is pretty sweet, even if the cars cost twice as much as most Americans are willing to spend. We feel a little bad that, of the three U.K. actors in the spot, we only recognize Ben Kingsley, but that’s okay. We’ll just assume the other two guys are really popular in Britain. Sort of like the Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill of the U.K. … only not as funny.

Kia – “The Truth”

“Matrix” fans are going to either love this one or hate it. We’re guessing they’ll love it, because it’s a pretty cool spot. In it, Lawrence Fishburne returns as Morpheus to give a couple a “red key or blue key” choice between two cars. They choose the red key, and the rest is history. The ad below is 90 seconds, which means Kia will have to trim 30 seconds for the Big Game. We’re guessing they’ll cut a lot of Morpheus’ singing, which is shame because that’s the best part.

Dannon Oikos – “The Spill”

If “Matrix” fans love the Kia spot, “Full House” fans (and there are some out there), will love this one, which features John Stamos reuniting with Full House buddies Dave Coulier and Bob Sagat. More Dave and Bob would have been better, because the flirtatious yogurt-eating is just kind of weird and a little gross.

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