With three-and-a-half weeks until the big game, it’s time to get back to the business of talking about the commercials we can expect to see on February 7. Those of you who know me, know that I’m a bigger fan of the ads than I am of football, especially since my Packers and Steelers have been bounced from the post-season picture.

So what can we expect to see in this year’s game? Actually, I should start with a report on who you WON’T see suiting up for competition. Super Bowl regulars Pepsi, General Motors and FedEx are sitting out due to what I can only assume is a sprained economic hamstring or a budgetary concussion, even though the price of a 30 second spot has dropped from $3 million in 2009 to $2.8 million(ish) in 2010.

They’ll be missed, but several rookies are ready to take their place. First time Super Bowl advertisers include Dr. Pepper, Pop Secret, HP, and HomeAway. I’m especially stoked about the HomeAway spot, because it’ll feature Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo reprising their roles as Clark and Ellen Griswold from the classic National Lampoon’s Vacation films. Seriously, how awesome were the 80s?

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