Budweiser releases much-anticipated soldier’s homecoming ad (but we’ve sort of seen it before)

February 1st, 2014 by Spotgeek
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It seems even Anheuser-Busch — once notoriously tight-lipped about releasing pre-game intel about their ads — has officially joined the trend of releasing it’s Super Bowl ads before the Big Game. Two days after unleashing its adorable Clydesdale-meets-puppy ad, the brewer has unveiled its second heartstring-tugger — “A Hero’s Welcome” — featuring a real-life soldier receiving an unexpected hometown welcome after returning home from a deployment.

I was really looking forward to this spot, mainly because the brewer’s 2007 Super Bowl ad, “Soldier’s Welcome” (featuring soldiers receiving a standing ovation in an airport), was such an emotional success and one of my favorite Super Bowl ads of all time.

I wanted to like this year’s rehashing of that feel-good story. I really did. But, in the end, it fell a little flat for me.

Don’t get me wrong, it gave me goose bumps and I got a little choked up, but it looked and felt like 100 other “troops coming home” videos I’ve seen online and in the news over the past 10 years. Nothing special. Nothing new. Except this video featured a Budweiser logo at the end.

Of course, like the cutesy Clydesdale puppy ad, you have to ask yourself the same question: Does the commercial make you thirsty for beer? Not really, but it does evoke a strong emotion in the viewer, and that’s worth something, I guess.

If you have a soul, the Heinz Super Bowl commercial will make you smile

February 1st, 2014 by Spotgeek
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Heinz is a condiment that’s probably featured at a lot of Super Bowl parties (although you can’t put ketchup on wings and pizza), so you’d think they’d be a perennial Big Game advertiser, but they’re not. They’re in this weekend’s game, but it’s their first appearance in 16 years.

The company has released their ad — “Hum” — prior to the game, bringing the total pre-game releases to 22 out of roughly 43 spots. The sweet-without-being-too-sweet ad features people humming “If You’re Happy and You Know It” while delivering the brand’s signature tap to the bottom of the bottle.

The pre-game release is 51-seconds long, which means they’ll have to trim 21 seconds for their half-minute slot. Which hummers will get lost in the time crunch? We’re guessing the hospital guy (he’s just kinda sad), in addition to a few seconds shaved off the beginning and a quicker delivery of the bottle to the grandma at the end. Hopefully they don’t squeeze the spot too much, though, because it’s a good one.

T-Mobile and Tim Tebow join Super Bowl line-up

January 31st, 2014 by Spotgeek
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Every year, it seems as though at least one advertiser throws a Hail Mary at the last minute to join the Super Bowl line-up. This year’s Doug Flutie is T-Mobile, which announced yesterday that they’ve purchased not one, not two, but THREE Super Bowl ads. Two of the ads will feature Tim Tebow, who has been without an NFL contract since being released by the Patriots before the current season kicked off.

The spots promote T-Mobile’s offer to buy out the mobile contracts of customers who switch to its service. The Tebow ads, which have been pre-released and can be viewed below, show all the things he’s able to do without the burden of an NFL contract (like delivering babies, capturing Sasquatch, and saving puppies from a burning building).

T-Mobile’s fourth quarter ad is all text (that’s right, all text) and encourages customers to break ties with their current carriers in favor of T-Mobile’s contract-free option.

The 2014 Super Bowl ad celebrity cameo line-up (from best to worst)

January 31st, 2014 by Spotgeek
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For me, my favorite part about the Super Bowl ads is the celebrity cameos. A-list, B-list, C-list … it doesn’t matter. Just give me an overpaid celebrity who probably doesn’t give a crap about the product they’re shilling, and I’ll be happy.

This year’s celebrity cameo lineup is actually pretty good. Well, it was pretty good until I found out today that the mysterious Jerry Seinfeld/Jason Alexander “thing” that was filmed at the old Seinfeld diner in New York WASN’T a Super Bowl commercial. Without that duo to look forward to, this year’s celebrity list has been downgraded from “pretty good” to just “good.”

Below is what we have to look forward to, in order of most to least awesome. And yes, I have Sean Astin just ahead of U2, but only because U2 never starred in one of the best football movies of all time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Bud Light
Laurence Fishburne (as “Morpheus”) – Kia Motors
Stephen Colbert – Wonderful Pistachios
David Beckham – H&M
Sean Astin (as “Rudy”) – CarMax
U2 – Bank of America
Ben Kingsley – Jaguar
Scarlett Johannson – SodaStream
John Stamos, Dave Coulier and Bob Saget – Oikos
Terry Crews and the Muppets – Toyota
Don Cheadle – Bud Light
Danica Patrick – GoDaddy
John Turturro – GoDaddy
Johnny Galecki – Hyundai
Ellen DeGeneres – Beats Music

Budweiser releases Clydesdale “Puppy Love” spot (All together now, “Awwwwww!”)

January 30th, 2014 by Spotgeek
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Stop the presses, because Anheuser-Busch has released its Clydesdale spot before the Big Game. Actually, it’s not THAT big of a deal, because we’re pretty sure they did the same thing last year. Actually, we’re pretty sure they released the same AD last year.

Last year’s crowd-pleasing “Brotherhood” spot featured a Clydesdale breaking ranks during a parade to reunite with his trainer. This year’s ad, titled “Puppy Love,” features a Clydesdale breaking ranks to reunite with a puppy. Same formula, but with a puppy instead of a trainer. It’s better though, because puppies are way cuter.