Pepsi Max ad stars Regis Philbin (for four seconds)

Days after we learned that its first spot would star Elton John and X Factor winner Melanie Amaro (see behind-the-scenes video here), Pepsi Max released its second Super Bowl spot, this one featuring retired daytime talk king, Regis Philbin.

The 45-second spot, which will be trimmed to 30 seconds for the big game, continues the “Coke guy who loves Pepsi” theme from the company’s ongoing Pepsi Max campaign. It also features that lady who used to be on some show in the role of a perky cashier, a performance sure to be overshadowed by Mr. Philbin’s four-second appearance. (Seriously, if anyone can tell me who she is, I’d appreciate it.)

Adweek made an interesting point. The public can follow the Coke bears, who will be watching and reacting to the game and ads on their fancy new website. What will be the bears’ reaction to Pepsi’s ads? I predict one of them will go ape shit and eat an Eskimo. That’s just my guess.

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One Response to “Pepsi Max ad stars Regis Philbin (for four seconds)”

  1. Andrew 

    The name of the cashier is Beth Littleford.

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