Pizza Hut announced this week that it will be making its first ever Super Bowl appearance with a spot airing in the game’s first half. It’s hard to believe Pizza Hut, a company that probably makes a gajillion dollars on Super Bowl Sunday, has never had a Super Bowl commercial, but it’s true.

According the to company’s release, the strategy in the past has been to focus on advertising in the days and weeks before the game in order to influence game day pizza ordering decisions (makes sense), but this year’s strategy, according to Pizza Hut VP of Advertising Kurt Kane, will focus “on the brand during the in-game spot with a fully integrated plan. We’ll be highlighting the role that the Pizza Hut brand plays in customers’ lives beyond the game and throughout the year.”

An AdAge article calls the Pizza Hut ad buy “the latest salvo in the Pizza Wars” between Papa Johns, Dominos and Pizza Hut. Mmmm… pizza wars. I’m headed down to my local recruiter’s office to enlist today at lunch.

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