Samsung to poke fun at (read: alienate) Apple fans in Super Bowl ad

Adding to an already long list of Super Bowl advertising rookies, Samsung has announced that it will make an appearance on the big stage. The spot will be in the same vein as the electronics manufacturer’s current anti-Apple spots, which poke fun at Apple fans camped outside a store anxiously awaiting the release of the new iPhone.

The teaser below has been released and described as a “lead in” to this year’s Super Bowl ad, which will feature the company’s GALAXY S II smartphone. The spot even includes a catchphrase – “We just got Samsunged!” I’m sure getting Samsunged also means something very dirty on Urban Dictionary, but I’m going to resist the temptation to check. (I checked. It doesn’t have a definition … yet.)

Samsung joins Dannon, Century 21, Lexus, 2nd Story Software, and H&M as first-timers in this year’s Super Bowl.

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