So far, the second half of the game is looking a lot better than the first. HomeAway’s Griswolds was great. Always nice to see Chevy and Beverly, even though Clark Griswold is looking very old. ETRADE’s talking baby was, in my opinion, the best talking baby spot they’ve ever done. I liked the web chat aspect and the introduction of a new word in the pop culture lexicon (“milkaholic”).

Coca-Cola’s Sleepwalker was okay (but only okay) and Michelob ULTRA’s spot with Lance Armstrong was better than I thought I was going to be, mainly because they made a good decision to not let Lance Armstrong have a speaking role.

Wow. I just saw the Google spot. It was the first spot today to give me even an inkling of goosebumps. It was definitely one of the best of the game so far and it didn’t even have a monkey, a baby OR a guy getting kicked in the groin! In fact, it had probably the most reading ever required for a Super Bowl ad. That’ll count against it for sure.

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