Super Bowl advertisers rethinking pre-game release strategy

According to the New York Times, advertisers are rethinking the strategy of leaking their Super Bowl ads before the game. In the past — especially last year — as many as half of the game’s ad were available for viewing online, as marketers attempted to take advantage of the power of social media and consumers’ willingness to share content.

A new study supports the pre-release strategy, showing three-quarters of the top 20 ads from Super Bowl 2012 were launched online before the big game. But not everyone is taking the bait.

“We wanted to save it for the Super Bowl,” said a spokesman for the advertising agency behind Kraft’s upcoming Super Bowl spot for its Mio drink additive flavor drop stuff, “because it’s the kind of spot you need to watch on the big screen on Super Bowl Sunday.”

That approach means we’ll have to wait until February 3 to see what Mio has in store for us with the very funny Mr. Tracy Morgan (on the set of the spot above).

As one of the biggest Super Bowl ad fans in the world, I kind of agree with this strategy. As much as I enjoy seeing the spots ahead of time, it’s kind of like getting a peek at your Christmas presents two weeks before the big day. Do you agree?

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