beerEach year, Anheuser Busch shells out over $10 million for four to five minutes of commercial air time during the Super Bowl. For that kind of dough, you’d think Super Bowl Sunday was the beer sellingest period of the year, right? Actually, it’s not. According to the Nielsen Company’s annual “Guide to the Super Bowl,” although the unofficial holidays drives sales of nearly 52 million cases of beer in 2008, the two-week period surrounding the big game is only the eighth highest beer selling occasion of the year.

Thanksgiving, Father’s Day and Labor Day all outrank the Super Bowl on the beer sales chart. Even Easter sells more suds than the big game. Not surprisingly, the 4th of July is the year’s top selling occasion. Because beer and blowing things up in the back yard is always a good combination. Complete holiday rankings from the Nielsen report are below.


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