T-Mobile and Tim Tebow join Super Bowl line-up


Every year, it seems as though at least one advertiser throws a Hail Mary at the last minute to join the Super Bowl line-up. This year’s Doug Flutie is T-Mobile, which announced yesterday that they’ve purchased not one, not two, but THREE Super Bowl ads. Two of the ads will feature Tim Tebow, who has been without an NFL contract since being released by the Patriots before the current season kicked off.

The spots promote T-Mobile’s offer to buy out the mobile contracts of customers who switch to its service. The Tebow ads, which have been pre-released and can be viewed below, show all the things he’s able to do without the burden of an NFL contract (like delivering babies, capturing Sasquatch, and saving puppies from a burning building).

T-Mobile’s fourth quarter ad is all text (that’s right, all text) and encourages customers to break ties with their current carriers in favor of T-Mobile’s contract-free option.

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