Taco Bell Super Bowl spot shows the lighter side of retirement

Finally, a pre-game release worth getting excited about. In this spot for Taco Bell, a group of senior citizens sneak out of a retirement home to have a crazy night on the town. The premise is funny enough as it is, but Taco Bell scores bonus points for using the Spanish version of the song “We Are Young”, which made it big after being used in a Chevy ad during last year’s big game.

They played the hell out of that song on the radio, but I still get goose bumps when the music kicks in on that Chevy spot. Great ad.

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2 Responses to “Taco Bell Super Bowl spot shows the lighter side of retirement”

  1. harry g 

    i love it this ad it bring out the kid in us when we get olddd… it should be put in the super bowl ads and its good for the hispanic community. oh by the way you never can have enough off [qiero taco bell]

  2. lin sanderson 

    oh yea, old people rock. Even if they don’t do this stuff… they are feeling it.

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