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Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Last year, flower delivery service, Teleflora, made a splash in the Super Bowl with a spot featuring a box of very rude talking flowers. The idea being that you never know what sort of message you’ll send if you use one of those “other” flower companies and their cold, impersonal boxed flowers. Feel free to check out the spot here and at the end of this entry (“Go home to your romance novels and your fat, smelly cat!”).

The trash-talking flowers were so effective at demonstrating the dangers of not choosing Teleflora that the company brought them back for another round in this year’s big game. This time, they’ll be voiced by comedy legend, Don Rickles. We recently scored an exclusive interview with the brash bouquet, which I’m happy to share with you here, even though the interview left me feeling a lot worse than when I started.

SPOTGEEK: Hey, thanks for taking a few moments to hang out with us. We know you must have a busy day of insults to sling and hearts to break.


SPOTGEEK: So what’s your deal? I mean, aren’t flowers supposed to be pleasant and cheerful?

BOXED FLOWERS: What’s MY deal? What’s YOUR deal is more like it. Four years of college, a journalism major, and you’re interviewing a box of flowers? There’s $100,000 down the toilet. Your parents must be so proud.

SPOTGEEK: You’re really going out of your way to make Teleflora’s flowers look good, aren’t you?

BOXED FLOWERS: I don’t need to go out of my way to make Teleflora look good. I’ve got you. Anything looks good compared to you, sunshine. That talking Chihuahua looks like Lassie compared to you. Yes, you’ve got a face made for radio.

SPOTGEEK: Can’t you say ONE nice thing to me? C’mon, just try. I know you can do it.

BOXED FLOWERS: OK. I’ll try. You remind me of my father. If my father was a gorilla (expletive). Whew!! See? I tried. Just can’t do it. Especially when you’re wearing that sweater. Yeech.

SPOTGEEK: I don’t know what happened to you to make you so bitter, but remember — it’s not your fault.

BOXED FLOWERS: You’re right.




Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Dockers, in attempt to prove that they’re more than just a Casual Friday staple, is pulling out all the stops in its Super Bowl ad this year, it’s first SB ad since 2002. The spot will include the ability for viewers to interact with the ad via the smart phone app Shazam. Viewers with the app — which identifies songs and musicians by opening the app while holding your phone up to the radio or other music source — can use it to “tag” the Dockers spot while they’re watching it, which transports viewers to a mobile web page where they can learn more about the Dockers campaign and listen to/purchase music.

The spot will be an extension of the company’s “Wear the Pants” campaign (ad above) which launched in 2009 and implores men to embrace their masculinity and calls for a return to the manly codes of yesterday. According to ADWEEK, “The ad shows childish men marching and singing: “I Wear No Pants.” The men are interrupted with a message: “Calling all men, it’s time to wear the pants.”


Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Whoever said this year’s Super Bowl ads will be “subdued” obviously hasn’t seen CareerBuilder’s upcoming Super Bowl spot. Then again, not many people have…until now. Thanks to the Chicago Tribune’s website, one of CB’s two 30-second Super Bowl ads is available for public viewing. (We’re not going to ask how the Trib got ahold of it.)

In a word, the spot is HILARIOUS. In two more words, it’s WICKEDLY BRILLIANT. It’s so brilliant, we don’t even care that the embedded video (below) encroaches on the SpotBlog’s sidebar copy.

When it comes to breaking it down, we’re not sure which aspect of it to focus on. The screaming employee (we’ve all been there), the insulting boss (ditto), riding dolphins (I wish), the half-naked pedicurist co-worker (never, thank God), or punching a koala bear (no comment). From beginning to end, we hope this spot is a sign of things to come on February 1.


Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

For the third year, the NFL ran an online contest asking fans to vote for which player story they’d like to see in the league’s Super Bowl ad. A story by New Orleans Saints corner back Usama Young was chosen from more than 200 player stories as the winner. In the story (seen below and currently being turned into the final spot), Young talks about getting a job as a 14-year-old lemonade salesman in the Redskin’s RFK Field (now FedEx Field).

The winning fan story comes from Reginald Castilla. In his tale, Castilla recalls sneaking a portable TV into the trunk of his dad’s car so he could watch football in between his duties as a church usher boy. Castilla’s story can be seen here.