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Monday, January 19th, 2009

Some details have emerged about the big game’s upcoming Anheuser Busch spots. Adweek gave us a peek in a recent article and The Chicago Sun Times’ advertising columnist, Lewis Lazare, was given a screening of the brewer’s spots and, without giving away too many key details, he wrote a review last Friday.

conanFirst, we now know that NBC late night comedian Conan O’Brien will make his TV commercial debut in one of the spots. The ad will feature O’Brien as he agrees to tape a Budweiser commercial, but reluctantly finds out that the spot will be created in Sweden. Lazare c alls the O’Brien effort, “Quirky. Amusing. And well-acted.” Reports indicate O’Brien was not paid for his work, but instead accepted a charitable donation to the Fresh Air Fund.

We also know that Bud will feature its iconic Clydesdale horses in three spots, two of which will feature light humor. In one, a pair of horses find love and, in the other, a Clydesdale and Budweiser’s Dalmatian engage in “some friendly competition” according the Adweek. The last of the Clydesdale ads will tug at our heartstrings, a tactic that has worked well for Bud in year’s past and produced some SpotBowl winners and strong contenders. In this spot, a Clydesdale recalls his ancestor’s trip to America and their journey to becoming members of the Anheuser Busch cart pulling team. AB did not give Lazare a screening of this particular spot, but Lazare was told that the ad will use a combination of humor and sentiment (always a good combination in ad polls like SpotBowl).

All three Clydesdale spots were overseen by Super Bowl advertising director extraordinaire, Joe Pytka.

Overall, the review of Bud’s 2009 ads was mixed. Budweiser’s ads don’t “have the same creative punch many viewers have come to expect from A-B” and “it’s the humor and the sentiment — especially the humor — that doesn’t hit the mark in most of what viewers will see from A-B and (advertising agency) DDB this year.”

Hmmm…looks like we’ll have to let the SpotBowl nation decide that for themselves in two weeks.


Friday, January 16th, 2009

AdAge has reported online that NBC claims it has sold 90 percent of its Super Bowl advertising inventory and only has about six 30-second spots left (most of which are in the game’s fourth quarter), although media buyers believe NBC may have more than 10 spots left. According to AdAge, some are suggesting the network has lowered the price of remaining spots, from $3 million to as low as $2.7 million, but only if advertisers also purchase pre- or post-game time.


Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

The article isn’t new, but the New York Daily News has an online compendium of some of the most memorable Super Bowl ads of all time (including video). The line-up includes the 1999 Doritos spot that made Ali Landry a star (for a little while at least), the Michael Jordan/Larry Bird “Nothin’ but net” shootout from 1993 and, of course, Apple’s epic jaw-dropper from 1984.