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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Whoever said this year’s Super Bowl ads will be “subdued” obviously hasn’t seen CareerBuilder’s upcoming Super Bowl spot. Then again, not many people have…until now. Thanks to the Chicago Tribune’s website, one of CB’s two 30-second Super Bowl ads is available for public viewing. (We’re not going to ask how the Trib got ahold of it.)

In a word, the spot is HILARIOUS. In two more words, it’s WICKEDLY BRILLIANT. It’s so brilliant, we don’t even care that the embedded video (below) encroaches on the SpotBlog’s sidebar copy.

When it comes to breaking it down, we’re not sure which aspect of it to focus on. The screaming employee (we’ve all been there), the insulting boss (ditto), riding dolphins (I wish), the half-naked pedicurist co-worker (never, thank God), or punching a koala bear (no comment). From beginning to end, we hope this spot is a sign of things to come on February 1.