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Friday, January 23rd, 2009

New details have emerged about two upcoming Super Bowl spots. Both will feature animated characters. In one, Super Bowl rookie GE will highlight new developments like its Smart Grid energy technology as “innovation you don’t have to wait for.” The spot will be reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz with a scarecrow-like character. The ad features a song sung by the scarecrow from the original 1939 film.

Said GE global executive director for advertising and brand, Judy Hu, “We try never to do depressing commercials.”  Judging from the screen capture below, GE prefers commercials using creepy looking scarecrows made of electrical wiring. If I were out for a stroll under the power lines that run behind my house and I saw this thing clingling to life 50 feet above me, I’d probably run like hell and then turn Amish. Of course, we’re judging the spot based on one image. We’re sure Mr. Scarecrow will warm our hearts after he’s jolted to life by a gigawatt of electricity coursing through those transformers he’s gripping.


SpotBowl has also learned that Coca-Cola will feature two spots for its Coke Classic and one for Coke Zero. One of the Classic spots, clearly aimed at the 24-and-under crowd, will feature interaction between humans and avatars.