This year’s car ads won’t look like car ads; Kia to answer question “Where do babies come from?”

USA Today has reported that this year’s Super Bowl car ads — of which nearly 25 percent of the game’s spots will be — won’t look like the usual car ads. That’s a good thing. Said USA Today, “Rather than showing cars hugging curves and accelerating up hills, a larger-than-ever group of Super Bowl automotive advertisers will be featuring womanly curves and revving up humor to promote their big-ticket machines.”

One of those car companies is Kia, which will air a 30-second ad and a 60-second ad in next Sunday’s game.

The 30-second spot will promote the brand’s compact Forte. In the ad, a robot-like woman (former Miss USA Alyssa Campanella) assaults a man after he kicks the tire of the new Forte EX compact sedan. The 60-second spot for the Sorento crossover SUV will feature a father who answers his son’s question – “Where do babies come from?” – with a tall tale involving toddlers and baby animals coming to Earth via spaceships.

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