Too hot for TV? Butterfinger and Doritos pick up where GoDaddy left off


It figures. In the year that GoDaddy finally cleans up its act by ditching the scantily clad women in favor of ads that actually tout the company’s services, two other Super Bowl advertisers offer up spots that aim to keep risque front-and-center in the Big Game.

One of the off-color spots arrives courtesy of Doritos, whose fan-made “Finger Cleaner” is one of five finalists competing for two spots in the game (but c’mon, with more than 2.3 million views already on YouTube, you know it’ll be one of the two that makes the cut). The other spot is from Butterfinger. The brand, which will promote its new chocolate peanut butter cup, released a teaser last week which shows chocolate and peanut butter in human form in a couples counseling waiting room. Check out the Doritos ad and the Butterfinger teaser below.

While it’s hard to tell from the Butterfinger teaser just how far they’ll push the envelope, it looks like they could push it pretty far if they really wanted to.

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