Twerking Yellow gets starring role in M&Ms Super Bowl spot


After much speculation about which specific candy brand they’ll promote in the Big Game (M&Ms or Snickers?), Mars has, indeed, confirmed that it will give its airtime to M&Ms. They’ve even revealed which color of M&M will be spotlighted — yellow.

For those who aren’t familiar (or don’t really care), yellow is a peanut M&M. In the teaser spot below, Yellow is seen dancing and, yes, every twerking before being shot with a tranquilizer gun and dragged off camera. Viewers are encouraged to tune in on Super Bowl Sunday to find out what happens to him. (Our guess: He’s tossed into a pit in someone’s basement, where he’s held captive for three weeks before being carved up and devoured. Too dark? Maybe a little.)

Yellow’s Super Bowl ad is just the latest activity in the M&M’S Brand’s “Year of Peanut” campaign, a yearlong effort to showcase the nuttier chocolate-covered candy.

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